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Updated: Jan 4

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site, I appreciate it!

What is Davenport Handmade?

I've always been a DIY type of guy out of necessity. What started as installing flooring in our house led to a little bit of electrical and plumbing work. After buying our own home I finally had a spot to mount my chop saw and get the peg board to hang my tools that I dreamed about as a kid. Fast forward a couple years later and I have graduated from making wine caddys out of plywood scraps to creating beautiful coasters and serving trays! My vision for this brand is to bring my customers and followers valuable products to purchase as well as meaningful content to learn from. Follow along for the ride. Thanks!

Who am I?

My name is Tyler Davenport and I am fortunate to call Central Oregon home for myself, my wife, and our son. I am a High School Counselor by trade and have always had an interest in the creative process and building things. Prior to Woodworking, I was heavily focused in Fitness and Bodybuilding, competing in three shows before calling it quits...for now! What started as a hobby grew into a side hustle (one of many!), and now I am working towards building my brand into a legitimate business that I can work on for years to come.

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